OTA Smash Cage event

ATC Members, 

The club is very excited to announce on Friday (June 30, 2023), we will have our regular RR from 6-7 PM, then follow by an OTA Smash Cage from 7-9 PM. The OTA Smash Cage is a fun-filled event where the club will provide our members with 2 hours of tennis drills, skills programming, trying the latest YONEX racquets, receive Rogers Cup qualifying tickets and cool prizes.

The event is FREE and in addition, the club will provide fruits, pop and bottled water.   Hope to see you all come out to enjoy this special event.

Event:   OTA will run Smash Gage at Agincourt Tennis Club. Measure serving speed, tennis tips and other fun activities

Date:    June 30, 2023 Friday at 7 – 9pm.

Cost:    Free and ATC will provide refreshments.